About Me

So, you have come through to this page to find out a bit more about me. Ok here it is.

Photos from Kos, we are not really big drinkers

DCIM100SPORTDCIM100SPORTBorn in Scarborough, in North Yorkshire way back in 1954. Married three times, now with my lovely wife Svetlana who is from the Ukraine (that’s another story).

I spent six years in the Royal Navy as an aircraft mechanic and then carried on my electrician trade when I came out for a few years, until going into catering and being a manager for Trusthouse Forte, as it was then.

For the last 9 years I and my wife have been running a small B&B in Scarborough and I have been working on building an Internet business, with the intention of eventually being able to run it from somewhere like Spain for at least six months of the year.

My main expertise is in Network Marketing and Social media, and I have done several courses to get to grips with it and learn how to use it effectively for marketing.

Spare time, I enjoy sailing and traveling, I hate English winters and hope not to be here for many more of them.