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Premier Cashback

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post but after the last 2 days with Premier Cashback I just have too, I made money for doing nothing.

It seems that Premier Cashback is a winner.

I joined PC last year and I bought a few positions because I saw the potential return, however soon after I joined they launched the health products, the main one being Salustra, which incidentally I take daily, this now brought in a new line of income and a boost to the existing one.

So, how does it work? Well most people know that Premier Cashback is the re-branding name of Chartfords, who specialized in Art but wanted to re-brand and move in to other markets, as they have done with the health products.

I started off buying a couple of pieces of art at C$250 each, these put points in to my Omega program. Now I am not going to bore you with exactly how this system works but enough to say that each point, when complete will pay me C$1350 and it wasn’t long before one of the points completed, so I got back more than I had spent.

Shortly after this is when the Health products were released, and for each C$50 spent you got a point placed in to the new Alpha program, again enough to say that when complete each point will pay me C$250, PLUS it will place another 2 FREE points into the Omega, that will eventually pay me C$1350 each, oh and I forgot to mention that also when the Omega points complete, they automatically place another point back in the program, so, and this is SO IMPORTANT, NO ONE EVER LEAVES .

Now I must admit that after that, nothing happened for a while and so I concentrated on other things and let PC simmer along in the back ground, but two days ago I went back in and had a look at the back office and to my surprise there was C$200 sitting there waiting for me, so I withdrew it, then today, just out of interest I had a look at how things were moving and again to my surprise, there was another C$250 in my account, I also have two Omega points that are close to completing which will give me an additional C$2500 AND put two more points back in.

More products are now due to be released, which always gives the system a kick, I have a potential earnings of over C$50,000 with the points I have now accumulated, and although it says potential, this will be paid to me as each point completes, and it will never drop as each completed point puts another free point back in the system.

I am involved with other businesses but for me Premier Cashback is the long term one that will pay me a nice income for many years, so if you are looking for something long term, that does not require a lot of effort, then I highly recommend PC.

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