Do You Play The Lottery?

I think that most, if not all of us have played the lottery at some time, and probably most of us still do, it maybe the odd scratch card or a regular line in the weekly draws, but whatever one you do, you should take a look at this.

lotto spring

Lotto Spring has just launched and completed it’s first week with two draws, hey and I won. The beauty of this is that you pay monthly but if you have three people who join with you then you play for free, just to let you know, I have my three, but the more people who join you the more chance you have of a significant win, because you have syndicate tickets as well as your own, plus you get ‘Blitz’ tickets which can pay you even you yourself don’t have a single number.

The Lotto uses the Euro Millions draw so it is completely transparent, seriously you can’t lose with this and you stand a chance of a life changing win. Just take a look.




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