Host Then Profit

Global Virtual Opportunities.

Host Then Profit.

This program like SAWWP gets it’s own page.

GVO is a company founded by Joel Therien, they have their own mainframe and storage facilities and are completely self contained. There are many opportunities within GVO but the basic one and one that I recommend to everyone is ‘Host Then Profit’ this will cost you just under $10 per month but if you are serious about Internet Marketing you should definitely have this. HTP has everything you need to start out in this business, plus it is a business opportunity itself.


So what do you get for your $9.97?


First and foremost you get your own hosting for up to four domains, if you are going to be successful in Internet marketing you need a blog site at the very least, you are on my blog site right now.

Auto Responder.

Again in Internet marketing you need somewhere to store your contacts and leads, Host Then Profit gives you an Auto Responder.

Blogger Builder.

For those that are new to the Internet and feel daunted by the thought of setting up a blog, Blogger Builder does it all for you.

Easy Video Producer.

Make your own videos to go into your ready made landing pages, this again is so easy and lets you communicate with your prospects directly.

GVO Conferencing.

(Upgrade required) Once you have built up some confidence with your Video Producer you can up grade and use the Conferencing suite to hold live conference calls with your prospects.

Live Training.

Frequent webinars, to train you on new products and ongoing upgrades to existing products.

More and More.

On top of all this you get banners, landing pages and much more to help you promote your GVO business.

So to my mind this program is a must for everyone involved with Internet and Network Marketing. For more information just click the image above and don’t forget if you want to discuss this or any other opportunity just email me, info on ‘Contact’ page.