I recommend

On this page you will find programs that I personally recommend from personal use, but please understand the following:

If you join some of the programs you see here, I could receive a commission.

All the programs I recommend here, I have tried and tested which is why I recommend them.

If you decide to join one of these programs I will guide you through each step to ensure you are successful.

FutureNet and FutureAdPro

First and foremost now has to be FutureNet, although this program was launched back in 2014 and was under construction from 2012, they have only recently started marketing it to the masses.

This program is so complete that you don’t really need anything else, but as it is a rev share business you would need another business to use your advertising credits on. I don’t really want to go into too much detail here as I have a training site with a dedicated page for this business: http://monstermarketeer.com



Premier Cashback

If you want an online business that is built to last and requires very little effort then look no further than Premier Cashback Global. This program is not a get rich quick scheme, but it is one that given time and some effort will build in to a very rewarding business. Premier Cashback have a 7 year track record and are set to load more and more products over the next 12 months. The products here are not run of the mill rubbish like cleaning products, but quality either tangible products or health products with proven results. You do NOT do any selling, you just use the products yourself. You can recruit and it will pay fantastic rewards if you do, but it is not esential to making a successful business and income. MORE INFORMATION HERE OR CLICK THE IMAGE




GVO Auto Responder

An Auto Responder is an important asset to anyone trying to make a living, but which one do you choose, I have tried a few including the ones you have probably heard of like Getresponse and Aweber, both of which are good at what they do, but I always try to find something that will give me better value, so my first choice is GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) this program gives you the auto responder and a whole lot more, including a ready built business opportunity. You can also see below that so many top marketers use this program. There is too much in this program for me to explain here so just take a look at the ad page HERE OR CLICK THE IMAGE




Kashflow Accounting Software

So now you are making all this money you will need to keep accounts, for years now I have been using Kashflow, it is very easy and simple to use, it will print invoices for you and give you reports of all most anything you need to see.