Traffic Monsoon – A Review

Well it looks like every man and his dog went after the ‘Cyclers’ and most lost out, including me on some, but I did manage to make on others because of insider information and getting in at the start, anyway, that is all in the past, the only think is, it has left a bitter taste for some people with regard to Internet Marketing. This is a shame because there are good programs out there, you just have to look carefully to find the good ones.

I am now involved with a few good programs, but this post is about Traffic Monsoon:

I must admit I was introduced to Traffic Monsoon a good few months back, and being over cautious as most are now, I gave it a miss, and in the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, ‘Mistake, big mistake, HUGE’ I wish I had joined then.

As I write this, I have been in this program for only one week, but I am seeing results and I am seeing the results of others who have been in longer, and I can tell you, it’s all good. The ad packs cost $50 each, which I think is the only down side as it makes it a little harder to recruit, having said that, it weeds out the time wasters who want something for nothing, (good luck in finding that) but on the plus side, the advertising does work, if you look at the screen shot below, it is from one of my sites that I have linked to my TM advertising budget, the numbers speak for themselves.


On Friday my pack credits ran out but Saturday I added more and it has just kicked off again.

So how about the earnings? Well for the short space of time I have been in this, what do you expect, again have a look at the screen shot below.

2015-11-08_1019It only shows $7.96 but it also shows that I only have two packs, and at this time all this income is from my packs and nothing from affiliates, yes it’s just less than 8 bucks, but it also equates to 8% paid to me in less than a week, where else can you get a return like that.

The program is very easy to follow and will take 20 minutes of your time each day, on top of this for Traffic Monsoon and for my other programs I give one to one training and help, so you will be successful.

If you want any more information on Traffic Monsoon or any of the other programs I am in, just  CLICK HERE  to go to my ‘I Recommend’ page.

Up Date Up Date Up Date Up Date

I have literally just posted a link to this blog in FB and saw this, so thank you Sharon James


Traffic Monsoon has been under investigation by paypal for many many months.

The huge income that has been coming in through paypal is what has been the cause of concerns for paypal.

Charles (ceo) had explained he can now finally relax knowing paypal has accepted Traffic Monsoon to be a ligit, genuine company generating legitimate source of income.

Charles has also explained that if at any time TM was to go pear shape, we members do not loose our money, it will be in safe hands in paypal.

There is a 180 days paypal buyer protection Guarantee which applies to all digital products and services. When you make a purchase, and the service was not provided to you, you are covered by PayPal to get a full refund.

: Great news especially in the UK
What great News for everyone associated with this superb company now the perfect company and safest ever seen Online, you now have complete confidence when introducing this Traffic Monsoon to Friends, Family, everyone who needs a helping hand or wants over 500% per annum return on their money.
It is now safer than a High Street Bank all your money is protected, whereas in UK banks the limit is £85,000.00
In Paypal you are limited to $10,000.00 per day= depositing or withdrawing, $300,000.00 per month, it may seem an unattainable amount to most of us if only that we would be so blessed.
Imy is doing just that and in Paypal all of that is guaranteed against loss so if you were paying into Traffic Monsoon $300,000 or more to buy Adpacks and something happened to TM, God forbid, you are covered for 180 days, since an Adpack lasts for 55 days at the moment, every body can recommend this wonderful business to their nearest and dearest with an absolutely clear conscience when using PayPal. WhooHooooo just go for it folks.



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