What you need to do to make money online…….


So, you want to make money online? You have tried all sorts of different opportunities? None have worked for you for one reason or another?

You know the main reason why the majority of people don’t make it online, is because they DON”T DO ANYTHING. Seriously, I have people join me in different programs and they think for some reason that if they join and open an account they are going to see money flooding in to their bank account, SORRY!!!! it doesn’t work like that, you have to put in some effort and sorry to say usually some cash, if you are preparred to do that then you will make money, and you can make a substantial amount if you follow the plan given to you.

I know that more and more people these days are becoming more and more skeptical about online programs as there are so many scams out there, and this is quite understandable, I have been burned a few times myself and only in recent months with a well know ‘community’ where the founder is now looking at 20 years of free accommodation. Having said that, don’t be put off, and look to the future not the past.

Now, do you want to make it or not? Are you going to put in the effort? Are you prepared to invest a little cash or a lot? Of course this all depends on the program you join and how much you want to make. As you will see from my previous post (which I will update as things progress) I have recently joined a new program, and I can tell you I am doing really well with it, but my preaching does not go without the practice and I have invested c$2,500 (Canadian dollars) and I have spent time building a team, at the moment a small team but never the less they all help the program.

As I write this I am about six weeks in and within the next 2 days I will get my first payment of c$250, yes that’s right, a tenth of what I put in, but then by another six weeks I will have been paid a total of at least c$13,500. Does that sound better?

Have a look at the previous post to see the proof of what I have done, and keep checking back as like I said I will update that post as I progress.



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