Why Most People Fail, The Myth…..

It is a well know fact that only around 3% of people who try to make money online actually go forward and make any significant money, but why is this?


You will hear all the stories about the product being rubbish or the company is just a scam, or I didn’t get any support etc.etc.

The truth is most people fail because of one or all of three reasons:

  1.  The company they are with don’t provide any marketing materials.
  2.  The person themselves don’t know how to market.
  3.  No or little effort on the part of the person themselves.

Take a stab in the dark at which is the most common reason, if you said ‘3’ you are right, most people join a program that promises the earth, they see these figures of earning a six figure income in the next twelve months and dive in, only to loose heart after the first month and drop out. Seriously I don’t think there is a single legitimate program out there today that can make you money in your first month.

I have written about this before but I feel it is so incredible important to write again. You see you can find a company that look good, maybe one that has been around a while, and has a good track record, then you go and do your due diligence, and find that everything there looks okay, maybe you have even spoken to a few people who are doing quite well with the program, so off you go and fill out the registration form, sign up to paying your monthly subscription, then what? You log in every morning to see if the money has started pouring in, and what a surprise, nothing, nada, zilch.

You have to take action no matter what the company is or who they are. Another well known saying ‘Do nothing and nothing will happen’.

So what should you do? Well if you did all of the first part, the due diligence part, then you are half way there, but that’s when most fail. You have to market your product or your opportunity, you have to remembers this is a business just the same as any other business, the same as a shop on the high street, the same as a service being offered to people, they all do some sort of marketing and the ones who don’t are the ones who fail.

For an online business you need to do your marketing online, that seems logical, so how do you go about it?

As I said before, you do need marketing materials and some companies do provide this, however it is sometimes better to be unique and create your own, (Click the ‘Elite Marketing’ tab at the top if you need some help) make your own landing pages, write in a blog, as I am doing here, if you have a blog site, create a page in it where you can redirect people to once they have opted in to your form, and on that redirect page somewhere will be your affiliate link for them to click and join.

Okay, for the novices, a break down of what I just said:

First thing you need is a well worded advert, to place on your social media sites but please don’t post business ads all over your Facebook home page or they will close your account.

Within that ad you need an attractive and relevant picture, something to catch the eye, just search Google images there are thousands, you also need a link to where you want them to go next for more information, a ‘Landing/Squeeze Page’. example below:


So, now they have seen your advert and have a slight interest in what you are offering, so they click the link and go to your Landing page, this is not a sales page, it is a carefully put together bright page that has more information for them, maybe even a video, and the most important thing a ‘web form’, a web form is where they put in their email address and click a button for more information, their email address is added to your auto responder, and they are redirected to your next page, which is on your website, this page will have a video for sure and even more information about the business, it will also have your joining link somewhere near the bottom of the page.

You can see now that you have achieved two things here, the first is you have given them snippets of information and led them along a path, until they have given you their email address and may even have joined, but if they didn’t join now, you have that address in your auto responder that will automatically send them emails for as long as you want, encouraging them to join.

You must agree that this is better than just a simple ad taking them straight to a joining form, and you can see that it is considerably more than joining a program yourself and doing nothing. If you do what I have written here, you will succeed, but you have to keep doing it, keep posting your ads out there and keep changing your landing pages until you find the best one for converting.

Good luck and I hope this helps someone out there.



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